Authors at School

Victoria Belim at Werner-Heisenberg-Schule in Leipzig

Victoria Belim taught a workshop at Werner-Heisenberg-Schule in Leipzig on October 26, 2023. The workshop mirrored the structured approach of her successful Frankfurt/Main session. Despite the shorter timeframe of 90 minutes and a larger group, the workshop maintained its engaging format with slightly condensed writing tasks. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, Victoria guided students through writing exercises tailored to stimulate creativity and self-expression. The students were deeply engaged, displaying a keen interest in Victoria’s profession, life journey, and personal anecdotes.

The workshop in Leipzig proved to be yet another enriching experience, leaving participants inspired and empowered to explore their own writing potential.


Victoria Belim is a writer, journalist, and translator of Persian literature and poetry. She has a column in The Financial Times and her writing on culture and lifestyle topics has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, ELLE, Red Magazine, and Marie Claire. She speaks 18 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian. Born in Ukraine, Victoria grew up in the USA and now lives in Brussels, Belgium. Her first book, The Rooster House, a Ukrainian family memoir, is published by Virago and has been translated into sixteen languages.

Photography: Andreas Lamm for Holtzbrinck Berlin.