Authors at School

Joy C. Mitchell at Max-Bill-Schule Berlin

On October 4, Joy C. Mitchell taught a workshop at the Max-Bill-Schule in Berlin. In this course, the screenwriter and producer gave insights into her work and the films and tv shows she has worked on, such as the Netflix drama series „Bridgerton“ and „Deutschland 86“, the second season of the Emmy award-winning international TV drama series „Deutschland 83“. One assignment for the students involved rewriting a scene from the first episode of „Bridgerton“ for a director’s note. The students had a lot of fun talking through a scene from the Netflix show together and learned the essentials of how to write good scripts.

Joy C. Mitchell is a Los Angeles-born, Europe-based TV writer and producer. Next to „Bridgerton“ and „Deutschland 86“, she also wrote for “Alex Rider” (Amazon Prime) and „The Letter for the King” (Netflix). Currently, she has two unannounced drama projects in development. In addition to writing television, she freelances as an entertainment and travel journalist. Her writing has been published in Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and Teen Vogue among others. She is the founder of the travel blog Joy in Europe.

She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Emerson College and graduated with honors in Print Journalism from the Annenberg School at USC.

Photography: Phil Dera for Holtzbrinck Berlin – Inspire Together.