Authors at School

Quoc Trung Hoang



Another day begins

Another morning passes

Another breakfast is made,

By my precious, my lovely

My four-slotted-toaster.


The smell of crusty bread,

The sound the toast being ejected,

Four at once, at the same time,
By my precious, my treasured,

My four-slotted-toaster.


A day fulfilled,
A day started right

A day when I can lay eyes,

On my precious, my beloved,

My four-slotted-toaster.


There is not a sight more beautiful,

A smell more amazing,

And a sound more pleasing,

Than four toasts, toasted at once,

By my four-slotted toaster.


Treasure is part of the poems written during the workshop with Tracy Fuad at Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Chemnitz in January 2022.