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Saturday night

Saturday night


Getting ready, leaving home,

walk through the night, cold to the bone.

Feeling alone but then seeing a light,

far away in the rainy dark night.

Coming closer, just to see it’s the bus,

that normally never had waited for us.

Speeding up, the lights getting bright,

„We move you“,

is written all over the side.


Someone is opening up,

music sounds through the door,

seeing my friends,

sitting all on the floor.

Some of them talking,

but all of them laughing.

Loneliness? – there’s no such a thing.

Grabbing a drink,

 „Taste the feeling“


As the nights getting older,

more people arrive,

greeting each other with happy high-fives.

It doesn’t matter they don’t know each other,

if you’re laughing with him, he is like a brother.

Suddenly, confusion, someone is asking

Who is she?

But the real question is,

„Who burnt that sushi?“



Saturday night was written at the workshop with Tracy Fuad at the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Chemnitz in January 2022.