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Memory of a concert

Jennifer Lea Ritter

Memory of a concert

We are, we are, we are
Young & wild & free
Your worries, worries without an answer
Don’t fall into them and stay in them
Nowadays my worries are starting to pile up
And I just can’t seem to ignore them
But sometimes I remember this song,
that time when I heard it at this concert,
And let myself be young & wild & free once again.
So I open my music app and search for ‘So What’
And go back to the time when I screamed the lyrics out loud
So what
Don’t stop and worry yourself
It’s good for nothing
Let go
And at least for 4 minutes and 41 seconds
without a single worry on my mind
I don’t stop and
I just let go all of the negativity.


Memory of a concert was written during the workshop with Tracy Fuad at the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Chemnitz.