Authors at School
confuse yourself

confuse yourself

it all began with



or whatever

how do you „peel“ kohlrabi?


– so
you’re probably
the type of guy
who just puts his laundry in the dishwasher next to the cups
to save water


and btw,
found wifi
on the balcony.
who’s sleeping on the balcony.


I was shortly thrown of track
but then again
I entered it
so we could go on.
of course, I had a plan
(I wanted one, too.)
so many
questions of importance


[are those chips in a coconut?
and another question,
are there airplanes on the bed spread?]


which I had been asked.
while I just managed to reply


„the milk gives cow“


and someone answered in return


„I’m worth 69 cents“


– I didn’t expect anything else.


he’ll be back in about 40 minutes
so, great
I’ll put the shoes in the oven


after that
taking a look
at the messages I received


[during the day I’m busy with greenhouse, at night I become a student]
our maths-teacher says:
„do a 100 exercises to revise every new topic we learn“
like… I ain’t got time for that.


and guys…
what shitty critters are those…
can someone tame the budgerigars for me?


biology has already been
like a bath full of tears
maths then
is the groundwater.


that’s why
filter out
our grade from the single sentence:
„thank you for the trouble you’ve taken“


that’s when
business becomes a backup
and study becomes a risk


but i’m not dead yet.

– somehow touched me.



confuse yourself was written during the Creative Writing Workshop with poet Tracy Fuad at the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Chemnitz in January 2022.